About me

Since 1999, I have been an independent lawyer at my firm in Heidelberg’s Weststadt district, specializing in foreigner law, family law and labor law.


  • General qualification for university entrance 1990 – Cologne, Germany
  • Studies of law in Cologne and Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Practical legal training in Aachen, Germany & San Francisco, USA
  • Admission to the German Bar Association and foundation of lawfirm in Heidelberg/Weststadt in the year 1999
  • Fachanwältin für Migrationsrecht since 2018


  • German Lawyers Association (DAV)
  • Working Group for Foreigner and Asylum Law of DAV
  • Heidelberg Lawyers Association
  • Working Committee Foreigner and Asylum Law, Heidelberg/Mannheim
  • Working Committee Legal Guardians Heidelberg/Rhine-Neckar District